Mertion Excavating Ltd. specializes in residential, commercial and industrial site preparation and operations. From personal homes, foundations, septic systems and landscaping to more large scale industrial sites with drainage and parking, Mertion Excavating can do it. With over 50 years of operation in the Okanagan, our company has worked on many homes as well as taken part in projects such as the Vernon Superstore and an addition on The Home Building Center. The preparation of a site, whether it be for a home, parking lot or building, is the foundation that builds your future. Mertion Excavating can help start your project and get your future on the right path.

Some of services we provide include:

Specializing in digging foundations, service lines, septic systems, drainage ditches and pools. We have several excavators in several sizes, with wrist buckets and thumbs, to suit your needs at both residential and commercial projects.

We can take apart and remove old buildings, burned remnants or concrete slabs foundations and walkways.

Retaining walls
We can build rock walls or concrete block walls for esthetic landscape purposes or as retaining walls. As well, we can prepare your site for landscaping with sand, topsoil and gravel products.

Road building
We can make new roads and driveways as well as repair or improve existing roadways.

Sand and Gravel Products
We have several dump trucks with pup trailers which can move loads of dirt, rock and gravel. Mertion Excavating can provide many varieties of aggregate products and screened topsoil for all your project needs.

Septic Systems
We can help plan and dig your septic needs with expert knowledge.

Rock Hammer and Packing Bucket
Are available for your specific site needs. Both are specialized pieces of equipment that can make your project run more efficient.

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